86 Strings finally has new and improved home

Innovative webcomic about the hospitality industry re-launches in May


86 Strings, an interactive web comic about the bar and restauarant business, has been on hiatus while the new web platform has been configured.

Now that the srip has a new home, 86 Strings moves into a new phase, with upcoming improvements and upgrades.

The artwork will be continually improved going forward, and new storylines revolving around the dramas of the bars scene will be introduced. Plus, Eli, Kurt’s Grateful Dead-loving mentor, will make his appearance.

When John Sammel and Michael K. Lyman first began the concept of 86 Strings, it was trial and error. Figuring out what the characters would look like like, what their personalities were, and how they would interact with each other, were all things that had to be determined. Added to that were questions of what on-line platform would be used, and how the strip would find an audience.

The webcomic that tells the stories of people in the bar and music business is beginning to hit its stride, with a snazzy, smartphone-ready page about the strip (about.86strings.com), the new webcomic home you’re on right now, and soon, live events that will include drawing demos and other activities.

 As always, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome; this strip is about you: your experiences, your stories, dramas you seen in the bar and restaurant biz.

Enjoy the strips, and keep an eye out for more to come: lots more.